Concept art for the Millennium Falcon by Joe Johnston from 1975 & 1976.


Experimental Photography by Xiao Yang

on behance

Xiao Yang is a Beijing, China based photographer with a preference for night photography, light painting, and any kind of experimental photography as well as photo manipulation. She loves to capture derelict places and different people in human-made environment.

Xiao Yang is fascinated by our relationship with abandoned houses, factories, castles, sewers, and any kind of dark places shrouded in ghostly silence. These places seem to tell stories and despite their creepy mood, they want to be explored.

Xiao Yang blends together her love of abandoned, ghostly places with seemingly isolated, lonely people creating wonderful layered narratives. Called Love Letter, this series of black and white multiple exposures leaves us wanting to know more of the story.

(vía generic-art)